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The Strongest in Kazakhstan – the service allows you to assign a status to a "strong" 
companies in its field.

© 2009-2018. The Strongest. All rights reserved.

The Strongest in the world

«» - business portal for the search, evaluation and pre-compliance (compliance) counterparts in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses. The portal provides a single access to various public and non-public data that allows any company of Kazakhstan transparently evaluate each other's activities and work with only the strongest.

Also, The Strongest can be used for tendering, being certified assessment counterparty credit report as well as in fashion purposes.

Today, about 12% of companies in Finland are certified by The Strongest, many of which prolong it annually. In the post-Soviet space The Strongest successfully practiced in Lithuania.

On our site you can

  1. Check the contractor on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. Check your counterparty in 27 European countries through the EBR - European Business Register;
  3. Check the contractor of some CIS countries (to be launched before the end of 2016);
  4. Get your certificate of a strong company The Strongest Kazakhstan.

With us is convenient to work:

  1. All public and non-public information about the partner on one portal.
  2. Getting its corporate credit report PKB.
  3. Publish your credit rating - the certificate «The Strongest»
© 2009-2018. The Strongest. All rights reserved.

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